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Amicus Recruiting
Jun 23, 08 1:05 PM
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The Tribunus of Amicus have given a lot of thought and discussion to the future of Amicus. In the end, we've decided that none of us has the energy to rebuild and run Amicus any more. There really aren't people available to take over these tasks and we are all simply too burned out to continue. It is time for us to move on to something new where we aren't responsible for anyone except ourselves.

Amicus will no longer be a raiding guild. If you want to raid, you should find another home. Some of us have applied to and been accepted in Seaghyn.  If you wish to stick with the same people, you should look at the Seaghyn handbook and decide if you are interested in them. If you are, you are welcome to also apply on the Seaghyn site, but there are no guarantees any one will get in. We each applied and were accepted based on our own apps and their guild needs.

A number of other guilds are also looking for additional people for 10 and 25 man raids.

I'd like to thank everyone for being a part of Amicus over the past 18 months. You are welcome to leave your toons here. Some of our levelling alts will be here and we'd be happy to keep in touch.

Welcome to Amicus!

Amicus is a World of Warcraft guild started by a group of real-life friends that has grown to become one of the largest raiding guilds on Emerald Dream, horde side!  We do not consider ourselves hard-core raiders, but do raid consistently every week.

Currently we are working on Sartharion + drakes. All other content is on farm. We are looking forward to the new content in Ulduar.

We are a group made of people who want to have fun and enjoy the raiding experience!  Amicus encourages laughter and joking during raids we have on farm, and a more serious yet still fun approach to progression runs.  Here the raid leaders will never yell at you for not doing your job in the raid or making a mistake!  We believe it is imperative that people feel like playing the game of WoW never become a 2nd job!
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Amicus Recruiting

Brindyn/Soraya, Jun 23, 08 1:05 PM.
Amicus is currently looking for specific roles to be filled.

Paladin (Holy)
Priest (any spec)
Shaman (resto)

For information regarding guild recruitment & application please visit our General Forums or click on the link below! Do not bother applying if you are unwilling to read up on boss fights or if you are unwilling to work with the class leads.

Recruiting Sticky

Amicus typically raids Wednesday and Friday evenings with a start time of 7:30 pm CDT (server time). Monday is a cleanup day.

If you are local to Emerald Dream and we are interested, we will ask you to come on a couple runs with us. This is typically at least a heroic instance so that we can see how well you fit in with our guild style. We prefer running a 10 man Naxx with an applicant.
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